Compact representation of temporal processes in echosounder time series via matrix decomposition

We developd a data-driven methodology based on matrix decomposition to build compact representation of long-term echosounder time series using intrinsic features in the data.

Echo statistics associated with discrete scatterers: A tutorial on physics-based methods

From basic foundational concepts to advanced topics in modeling the statistics of echoes from discrete scatterers, inspired by sonar observation of marine organisms.

Macroscopic observations of diel fish movements around a shallow water artificial reef using a mid-frequency horizontal-looking sonar

Mid-frequency sonar provides a first-of-the-kind macroscopic observation of the nightly foraging runs of fish inhabiting a shallow-water artificial reef in northern Gulf of Mexico.

Statistics of broadband echoes: application to acoustic estimates of numerical density of fish

Statistics of echoes from mixed assemblages of scatterers with different scattering amplitudes and numerical densities

Orientation dependence of broadband acoustic backscattering from live squid

Long-duration anesthetization of squid (Doryteuthis pealeii)